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Rentipro PMS - Channel Manager - Guest App. 

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After many years of experience as vacation rental managers, we decided to stand-up and create Urban District Network - Vacation Rentals Alliance Network, with the aim to support the Property Managers in professionalizing their business, boost their bookings, reduce costs by providing and seamless technology solution which covers End2End all the management processes of property management. 

RENTIPRO (www.rentipro.com) is a complete technology platform which includes a PMS (Property Management System), Channel Manager and many other features for Property Managers and Property Owners. 

With RENTIPRO you can manage vacation rentals, serviced apartments, villas, boutique apartments, suites and much more. 

Urban District Network - Vacation Rentals Alliance Network

Urban District Network

With Urban District Network we wanted also to create a network of independent property managers which decided to work together in multiple destinations. The aim is to share best practices, share technology efforts, reduce of marketing costs, boost bookings and leverage on common brand maintaining the freedom to operate independently.

Urban District Apartments - Booking Portal for Travelers which look for selected and quality granted properties. 

Urban District Apartments

Urban District Apartments is a common direct booking platform for Property Managers and Property Owners, located in small, medium and big urban destinations. With Urban District Apartments the Property Manager has the chance to enhance the direct bookings capability with a dedicated web page and booking engine. 

UDA  has been engineered to combine rentals, concierge services and guest experiences so to boost bookings and improve customer experience. 

Urban District Apartments is mainly targeting travelers to urban destinations which look for quality granted properties managed by selected and professionals property managers. 

The aim is to create a common quality standard across multiple locations such as Barcelona, Milan, Rome, Madrid, Valencia, Florence, Paris, London, ... and many more to come. In each location, travelers will find qualified properties ready to be rent for short or medium term, on site support and a variety of concierge services to choose from, so to customize the trip with unforgettable experiences.

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