Italian cultural capital of culture and art galleries is the only place where you can find of more than 900 churches and 220 museums. A cultural tour in Rome represents a walk in history and through the centuries.

Italy’s capital is steeped in history (layers and layers of it). While Roman mythology dates the founding of Rome back to 753 BC, the earliest signs of human settlement date back 14,000 years. A city within a city, Rome also houses an independent country within its boundaries: the Vatican City. As if that weren’t enough, as a cultural destination, Rome is almost unrivalled. It is a major centre of Italian Renaissance art and architecture, and it is of course the birthplace of Italian Baroque and Neoclassicism, which will be reflected everywhere you look during your stay in the Eternal City.

When you rent an apartment in Rome, for business or pleasure, there are some places you simply cannot miss. Inaugurated in 80 AD, the Colosseum formerly housed a 50,000-seat Roman gladiator arena. It is a truly spectacular sight to behold in all its ancient glory. The Roman Forum, the Pantheon and the Palatino are also life-changing visits to Antiquity, which make Rome an unmatchable historic destination. For some inspiring artwork, head over to the "Museo e Galleria Borghese", which houses the ‘queen of all private art collections’, from Ancient Rome and the old masters right through to the modern era, all amassed by the Borghese family over the years. In the Capitoline Museums you can enjoy the iconic Lupa Capitolina, a sculpture depicting a she-wolf suckling Romulus and Remus, as well as an amazing art gallery with works by the likes of Tintoretto. The streets of Rome are themselves a work of art, with secrets hidden all around, from the catacombs to clandestine churches. Finally, no trip to Rome would be complete without an outing to the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican City, where one can gaze at Michelangelo’s famous ceiling.



more than 900 churches and cathedrals  

There are almost 900 churches and cathedrals in Rome that worth a visit but  10 of them are something that you must see once in your life. St Peter Basilica, Santa Maria Maggiore, San Giovanni in Laterano or Santa Maria in Trastevere are just few of the most emblematics. Urban District Apartments are located nearby the main Rome's cathedrals. Serviced Apartments for business travelers or vacation rentals for families and friends.  

Museums & Galleries

more than 222 Museums to visits. 

With more than 222 museums and galleries, Rome represents the world reference in cultural proposals. Museums such as Villa Borghese, Vatican Museum,  Maxxi National Museum of Art, Palazzo Altemps and Museo Capitolino should be on the top of your tour's priorities. Urban District Apartments will be happy to reserve your entry tickets.  

Local Traditions 


Rome is world of traditions that have crossed the centuries. Most of them comes from the old pagan rituals and some others by the catholic traditions. Events such as Festival of the Grapes, Carnival, Corpus Domini and Rome's birthday are just few of the characteristic popular event in Rome. Urban District Apartments will be happy to suggest best way to enjoy one of the local event

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