Get lost in variety of the cultural options that Barcelona can offer. Museum or traditional local parades, art galleries or eclectic urban design show rooms, Classic Music Hall or summer festivals, but don't miss Gaudi's homes or cathedrals.

Take a walk through Medieval Barcelona, learn all about the Spanish Inquisition and explore the medieval La Ribera and El Born neighbourhoods on your next holiday or weekend away. This is all to be explored during an Urban District apartment rental in Barcelona. The Barri Gòtic (Gothic Quarter) is a neighbourhood making up the centre of the old city and is the the hub of nocturnal life in Barcelona. La Rambla, Barcelona's most famous pedestrian thoroughfare is a veritable window into Catalan culture. Named after the seasonal stream (“raml” in Arabic) that once ran here, from the Middle Ages on it was referred to in rather unglamorous terms and lay outside the city until the 14th century, when monastic buildings were erected, followed by the wealthy mansions of the 16th century onwards. For a glimpse into Barcelona’s seafaring empire, the Museu Marítim offers a full-sized replica of Don Juan of Austria’s 16th-century flagship and antique navigation charts. The Museu Frederic Marès is the museum of choice to see a vast array of medieval Spanish sculpture. If you’re interested in the monastic life of the medieval period, take a trip down to the peaceful Museu-Monestir de Pedralbes and admire the Gothic three-storey cloister and the murals done by one of Catalonia’s earliest documented painters, Ferrer Bassá. Finally, La Catedral is essential for a powerful taste of Catalan Gothic architecture. Although the gargoyles were added in the 19th Century, the rest of the building was constructed between 1298 and 1460. Barcelona is an incredibly layered city, with each quarter offering something unique. Although famed as a Roman city, the ruins of an early settlement dating further back than 5000 BC  have been found in the neighbourhood of El Raval. 



An  extended tour of for for each district. 

The cathedrals in Barcelona represent just of the main cultural attractions that no one can miss. Each district has his own cathedral representing the age of the expansion of the old urban area. Most of them are the stage of famous grow novels. Urban District Apartments are located nearby the main Barcelona's cathedrals.  

Gaudi's Homes

Modernism together Gaudi left a big footprint in barcelona. 

Gaudi has designed the most eclectic homes and buildings as key expression of modernism movement. La Pedrera, Casa Batllo, La Sagrada Familia or Parco Guell are just few of the most emblematic buildings. Some of them are today converted in public museums where Urban District Apartments can arrange the entrance. 

Local Traditions 

There is always going on in rome all year round. 

Barcelona keeps the legacy with centuries of history very present in the calendar of every year. The famous parade of Kings Mages, Carnival, San Juan party on the beach to welcome the summer, or la Mercè are only few on main cultural events that will allow you discover local habits and lifestyle. Urban District Apartments will support you to live local tradition as a local.  


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